Due to all of the work that goes into my coaching/counseling, courses, and meal planning services, I don’t offer refunds. This is why I offer the free 30-minute phone call and explain all of the options in working with me. This is to allow you to make an informed decision without any pressure. I am here to coach you to help you become your best self and part of that is requiring a commitment from you in which you are fully invested. It is highly recommended that you weigh all options and consider your schedule BEFORE purchasing your package, course, or meal planning service and committing to work with me.

With my meal planning service, you are able to discontinue service after 30 days from the purchase date are met. This is how the EatLove platform works; therefore, I am unable to discontinue service sooner than this even if you haven’t used the platform within the 30 days. Again, weigh all your options BEFORE signing up for this service.

Should you need to reschedule any appointment, you may do so by providing at least a 24 hour notice in advance of your session. During this time period, you are able to reschedule the appointment on your own using the Acuity email you received at the time the appointment was originally scheduled. All packages expire 12 months after purchase date; therefore, it is strongly encouraged that if you have to reschedule, you do so within a week to not lose momentum. It is important that you prioritize our time together so that you receive the full benefit of your package.


If you have any questions, please email me at: jennifer@healthconscioussolutions.com


Effective January, 1, 2019