Not Your Typical Meal Plan


You won’t find flavorless chicken, brown rice and broccoli in these meal plans. Get customized plans that are made with your preferences and needs in mind. Explore new recipes and flavors! Not a great cook? No problem! Don’t like tofu (not my favorite either)? It doesn’t have to be on your plan! No more getting overwhelmed by all of those recipes on Pinterest. Let’s develop a personalized meal together!

Think of it as a guide to help you find balance with your eating and not a restrictive diet.

You choose if you want to try just a few recipes from it or follow it completely. It’s totally up to you! 

Here's What You Get
  • A new meal plan sent to your inbox each week with simple recipes
  • Recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are delicious and satisfying
  • A weekly grocery list that goes with your customized meal plan to help you save time at the grocery store
  • Access to a huge recipe database with thousands of recipes so you won’t get bored
  • An interactive meal planning tool that allows you to swap out recipes or move them around to different days
  • Less stress and confusion around what you and your family are going to eat
How It Works

After 3-day free trial, static plans are $9/month and customizable plans are $19/month. Cancel anytime!

Ready to get started? Check out the plans below!

Flex Meal Plan

This flexible plan is completely customizable and contains simple recipes the whole family can enjoy. Each week, you will receive three days of suggested recipes with the ability to search hundreds more to add to your plan. All of our delicious recipes are extensively tested and feature whole food ingredients with easy-to-follow directions for people of all cooking levels.

PCOS Meal Plan

This meal plan was designed for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome [PCOS.] It contains low-glycemic recipes aimed at stabilizing blood sugar, lowering insulin levels, normalizing hormones, and reducing inflammation often associated with this condition. Research has shown that diet can play an important role in managing PCOS. NOTE: This plan is gluten-free.

Diabetes Meal Plan

These plans are for people with diabetes or prediabetes. They’re moderately low in carbs, fiber rich and contain a balance of nutrients to help prevent blood sugar highs and lows.

Plant-Based Meal Plan

These plans contain 100% plant-based recipes that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients known to be anti-inflammatory. Recipes are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plant proteins making them nutritious as well as delicious. NOTE: This plan is gluten-free.