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Not Your Typical Meal Plan 

You won’t find flavorless chicken, brown rice and broccoli in these meal plans. Get customized plans that are made with your preferences and needs in mind. Explore new recipes and flavors! Not a great cook? No problem! Don’t like tofu (not my favorite either)? It won’t be on your plan! No more getting overwhelmed by all of those recipes on Pinterest. Let’s develop a personalized meal plan together!

Think of it as a guide to help you find balance with your eating and not a restrictive diet!

You choose if you want to try just a few recipes from it or follow it completely. It’s totally up to you! You can even choose to have groceries delivered using Amazon Fresh or Instacart (you need to have a subscription to either one).

Live in the Atlanta area and don't want to prep and cook your meals? There's even an option to have a chef do all of the heavy lifting for you! Talk about convenient! Ask for more information about this added service.

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    Here's What You Get   

Customized meal plans based on your preferences and needs

Access to an interactive meal planning tool that allows you to swap out recipes or move them around to different days to fit your lifestyle

New meal plans sent directly to your inbox to keep you from getting bored

Freedom to search recipes, add recipes, or skip recipes as much as you’d like

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are filling and delicious

Convenience of adding family members to your plan to make family meal planning a breeze

Grocery lists that go with your customized plan to help you save time and money

Best of all: access to the EatLove app to take your customized plans and grocery lists with you on the go or have your groceries delivered to you via Amazon Fresh or Instacart

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