Virtual Private Coaching 

Tired of trying diet after diet? Interested in improving your relationship with food and changing your eating habits? Curious about what subconscious beliefs are keeping you from making sustainable changes?

I help spiritually-focused women end the cycle of restrictive eating/overeating and emotional eating by empowering them to become confident eaters where food no longer controls them. 

During your private coaching sessions, we will focus on shifting your mindset away from self-limiting beliefs, uncover personality traits and subconscious blocks that keep you from reaching your goals year after year, developing skills to help you make long-lasting changes, create a self-care plan that helps you bounce back when "life happens", developing self-compassion, and increasing self-love and acceptance. We will also work together to create a realistic action plan that includes building health-promoting habits by clearing things that no longer serve you and creating a solid foundation.

Here's what you get with the Eat Confidently Lifestyle private coaching package

An understanding of your motivators and motivation killers

Evaluation of your current eating and lifestyle habits

Assessment of your self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, subconscious blocks and personality traits that are holding you back

Assessment of your current level of self-care

Guidance on healing emotional eating, listening to your hunger and fullness cues, increasing self-compassion, self-love and self-acceptance

Step-by-step guidance and an action plan to help you reach your goals

Access to the Eat Confidently Lifestyle Course lessons and workbooks

One 90-minute initial session

Ten 45-minute follow-ups to ensure you are on track; tweak the plan as needed

Support in between sessions via the Practice Better app

Plus Bonuses!

Bonus # 1 Access to the EatLove online meal planning software where you'll get customized and flexible meal plans for 6 months

Bonus # 2 20% off professional grade supplements---so you don't have to worry about the quality of your supplements or dupes!

                      Bonus # 3 Card readings, reiki healings, sound healings, energy/trapped emotion clearings and activations

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